image of white 5x SMARTMag with round lens, dark blue on/off switch on handle with the Mattingly logo

Mattingly SMARTMag Hand Held Magnifier 2.5x-14x

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-The brightest white LEDs (when compared to European manufacturers of LED magnifiers*) are used in the SMARTMag LED hand held magnifiers. Enjoy the enhanced contrast.
-The SMARTMag hand held LEDs are designed to give a broad, even field of light that have no purplish or blue "bright spots".
-Cases are included with all LED hand held magnifiers. Heavy duty boxes protect the magnifiers.
-Durable reinforced contrast-blue on/off switch. White mounting and handle.
-Limited Lifetime Warranty.
-LEDs warranted to never burn out.
-Large print picture instructions and warranty included in all magnifier boxes.
-Battery compartments have high contrast battery directional images.
-Recommended viewing distances for best optics supplied