"Holiday Magic" by Regina E. Dorfmeyer

"Holiday Magic" by Regina E. Dorfmeyer

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Inside Verbiage: "Wishing you all the Hope, Wonder and Joy that the Season Brings Happy Holidays!"

Regina E. Dorfmeyer has never been formally trained as an artist, yet, she claims to have “the soul of one.” She was born extremely near sighted, and by the time Regina was two years old, her parents were aware of her condition. Regina’s first love was singing, however, when she wasn’t belting out show tunes she was painting or sketching the human form or landscapes. “As an only child I was stuck in the house all the time, so singing and drawing was my ‘thing’ to do. As I became older, my sight deteriorated, but my love for art did not! I became more and more determined to be a true artist. I am still determined. I will never give up.”

Cards measure 5" x 7".

10 cards with envelopes per order.