Topaz Connectivity Pack

Topaz Connectivity Pack
Connect your TOPAZ to a PC and work with your PC screen and document in horizontal or vertical split-screen views. Add lines or mask out portions of the screen. The TOPAZ Connectivity Pack extends the use of your desktop video magnifier for work, school, and home. Connecting the pack to your TOPAZ is quick and easy and gives you the option of working together with magnified documents and your PC.

Split the screen horizontally or vertically between a magnified document and your PC. You control the amount of space you give each view. Switch smoothly from split screen to full PC view to full document view.

Easily move your document view from one edge of the screen or the other to see any part of the PC screen underneath. A unique feature of the TOPAZ Connectivity Pack!

Horizontally or vertically mask out portions of a document or PC screen that are not necessary to see or are distracting. Work more efficiently with spreadsheets!

Set horizontal or vertical guidelines to keep track of a row or column. Use the easy position dial to move the lines along as you progress. Useful for keeping your place in long documents, tables, and columns or to delineate a line of reference to which you need to return.