Now you can maintain control over the essential, everyday activities of your life: leisure reading, corresponding with friends and family, reading contracts, bills, and prescriptions, enjoying needlepoint and other hobbies, and much more.

The TOPAZ with its bright, high-contrast image, large moveable reading table, and easy to reach and use buttons is a must for every home where people with macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and other forms of low vision love to read books, do crossword puzzles, and see the details in cherished family photos.


LCD monitor - Adjustable height and tilt for your viewing comfort.
Magnification dial - Adjust magnification from 3 times up to 82 times the actual size.
Color Panel - Simple, accessible controls for color selection and brightness.
Position Locator Beam - Easily guides you to exact document placement.
Reading Table - Generous size, with fingertip control and wide side-to-side motion.