Winters Rest by Mike Sager

Winters Rest by Mike Sager

Inside Verbiage:

May your Home be filled with all the Joys of the Season
Happy Holidays!

Mike Sager uses a large hands-free magnifier, a 300-watt lamp, and a CCTV to help him offset the three different eye conditions he has in order to create his beautiful (nature and rural setting) paintings. An artist since age 10, art runs in Mike's blood, as his mother, grandmother and two aunts are all artists. He began by sketching, and has continued to experiment with different techniques over the last four decades. He is open to the possibilities that mistakes can bring, often referring to them as "happy accidents." Mike loves the moment he steps back from a painting and can picture himself standing in the real setting - this "wow factor" lets him know when his painting is complete.

 Cards measure 5" x 7".

10 cards with envelopes per order.

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